Where Is Online Gambling Legal?

Where Is Online Gambling Legal?

where is online gambling legal

As online gambling becomes an ever-more prevalent force in society, many states are looking to capitalize. Sports betting is now legal in over 30 states while various forms of iGaming such as casino gaming have gained momentum as well. Unfortunately, however, some states remain without legal casino gaming options available; here we’ll look more closely at where gambling online is legal and which states have yet to enact legislation legalising casino gaming.

Though online gambling has rapidly expanded over the past years, it’s important to remember that it remains illegal in most parts of the United States. Most states have yet to pass legislation to regulate this industry due to federal law; New York and Illinois were among the first states to legalize it following Justice Department interpretation of the Wire Act.

Alabama, for instance, remains one of only seven states without any form of legal gambling in place. Although they have never legalized online casinos before now, Alabama may possibly pass sports betting legislation in the near future as they consider this avenue for expansion. Although tribal casinos exist already within Alabama’s borders it could still take time until residents can use the internet as another form of gambling option.

Tennessee remains one of only two states without legal casinos, though sports betting has since become legal there. Online casino gambling remains prohibited and in order for Tennessee to launch an online gaming framework it would need to pass constitutional amendments and negotiate agreements with its native tribes.

Colorado is one of the only remaining states that does not permit residents to wager on casino games from within their homes, though online sports betting may still be allowed, though certain restrictions exist regarding betting on in-state college teams. Still, several land casinos exist within its borders that residents may visit.

Arkansas is on the cusp of making online casino gambling legal, yet hasn’t done so yet. Sports betting was legalized recently in Arkansas but deals must first be reached with local tribes before online casinos can launch.

California may be politically progressive, yet their state legislators remain resistant to the concept of online gaming (iGaming). Even with some of the largest professional sports franchises in the country, such as those found in California’s Golden State MLS franchise, none form of iGaming has yet been legalized there. That may change as more people realize its economic benefits; nonetheless it will likely take California a considerable time before joining other legal states as an iGaming market participant.