10 Unmissable NYC Sporting Events

10 Unmissable NYC Sporting Events

what sporting events are happening today

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, numerous major sporting events have been cancelled or postponed, so please return often for updates to this list as it could change at any moment.

Sporting events enthrall audiences all around the world with their unpredictable thrills and spectacle. Sporting events push the limits of human tenacity while uniting people from various walks of life under one banner: healthy competition. New York City is home to some historic teams, legendary venues, die-hard fans and some of the world’s premier sporting events; these 10 massive sporting events should not be missed!

What is the best time and place for me to visit NYC to watch sports? Which sports events are taking place this month?

Which are some of the largest sporting events of all time?

And finally, which sports do you prefer watching here in New York City?

Are You Thinking about Moving to NYC as a Fan?

New York is home to iconic sports teams including the New York Giants and Jets from the National Football League (NFL), Yankees and Mets of Major League Baseball (MLB), Brooklyn Nets & Knicks of National Basketball Association (NBA), as well as New York City FC of Major League Soccer (MLS).